Our Story

Bay Services is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality, comfort, Safety and efficiency of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.

Our Journey

Bay’s Facilities Management has started their works in 2005 by only one project along with 17 manpower; “Bay’s Galleria Management Team” which constitutes of professional managers and engineers. Key security personnel are handpicked and trained by security forces while janitorial team has been trained by an international team of experts.

In order to keep our product standards at the highest level, we give great priority to this aspect of our operations. This team originated due to the lack of professional service providers in the market. What started off as an experiment has evolved into a permanent and valuable feature of our business, as is evident from our clients’ feedback.

In an attempt to satisfy the growing demand of the clientele while still ensuring the high quality of products that Bay always strives for, the company launched its Facilities Management Department in early 2005.

This department is dedicated to the efficient management of our completed project using trained professional teams. The Facilities Management Department employs technicians for the maintenance of electromechanical equipment in order to keep the environment clean. They oversee vigilant guards in each building to keep the residents and their assets safe and secure.

In the event that our valued clientele demands major maintenance and renovations, this department maintains a group of specialists for such undertakings.


To be, and remain, the top Building Management Service Provider.


To provide a safe, clean, productive and consistently high-quality environmental conditions by delivering professional services.


Our values are fixed in our structure, our decision making, our behaviours and our performance.

Our Clients

Our Suppliers