Portfolio Category: Commercial

Edgewater at North Gulshan

Our Clients Edgewater GulshanDhaka A truly advanced solution to the needs of a corporate lifestyle, Edgewater is clearly the most preferred destination for high-end clientele, where several multinationals have already nestled. Visit Page

Galleria at Gulshan 1

Our Clients Galleria Gulshan 1Dhaka This avant-garde architecture reflects today’s corporate aesthetics and demands. You arrive at the distinguished plaza to a very tall drop-off and pick-up area, with the feature Traveler’s Palm, fine green bushes, and the deep Canopy Porch composing an inspiring step in to the workplace. Visit Page

Park Heights at Dhanmondi

Our Clients Park Heights DhanmondiDhaka Park Heights is an advanced and smart solution in a spectacular setting. From striking architectural designs to breathtaking views outside, Park Heights is an ideal office address. Visit Page

23 Gulshan Avenue at Gulshan 1

Our Clients 23 Gulshan Avenue Gulshan 1Dhaka This southern segment of Gulshan Avenue is humming with commercial activity. Bank branches are relocating to take advantage of upcoming corporate office buildings as are the popular eateries and restaurants. Bay’s 23 Gulshan Avenue, being at the center of all this activity, is designed to take its rightful …

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50 Mohakhali at Mohakhali C/A

Our Clients 50 Mohakhali Mohakhali C/ADhaka The elegant structure will suit your corporate image and is the perfect setting for your business operations. It creates a small piece of greenery at the center of the city with the main feature being a cascading garden at the entrance. The garden at the ground floor goes up …

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Bellavista at Banani

Our Clients Bellavista BananiDhaka Bellavista is an advanced and intelligent solution in the busy setting of Banani’s commercial hotspot. Aesthetically striking, with innovative space utilization and easy access from both Gulshan & Mohakhali, Bellavista is the ideal business address. Visit Page