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Brookwood Welfare Society at Gulshan 1

Our Clients Brookwood Welfare Society GulshanDhaka Encircled in a calm and serene environment, this will be a sensational investment blessed by a beautiful living experience. You’ll enjoy the contrast of warm earth tones with the vivid green of the gardens, both in your building as well as in the landscape surrounding you. Visit Page

Lakewood Welfare Society at North Gulshan

Our Clients Lakewood Welfare Society North GulshanDhaka A truly designer building, Lakewood boasts a cosmopolitan lifestyle at North Gulshan – an exclusive residential community by the lake with unmatched luxury of uncompromising quality. Adorned with stylish interiors, your home will be a breathtaking spectacle to view. Visit Page

Villa Laila Welfare Society at Gulshan 2

Our Clients Villa Laila Welfare Society Gulshan 2Dhaka The 12-storey building, with 2 units per floor, is designed to easily capture the south breeze. Residents will enjoy lake views to the South & to the West towards Banani. Visit Page

Azure Welfare Society at Banani

Our Clients Azure Welfare Society BananiDhaka A home offering uncompromising quality standards, from the unique exterior to opulent interiors with majestic views as far as the eye can see. Visit Page

Northpark Welfare Society at Baridhara

Our Clients Northpark Welfare Society BaridharaDhaka High ceilings make possible a sense of open space; large windows offer spectacular views of the surrounding lush greenery; and the completely open roof garden with its breezy ambience is comfort at its finest!  Visit Page

Eastwood Welfare Society at Gulshan

Our Clients Eastwood Welfare Society GulshanDhaka With stylish interiors, vivid green gardens, large balconies and terraces providing exquisite views of the beautifully landscaped surroundings along with all the refined amenities of fine living right inside the home, Eastwood is a unique development. Visit Page

Waterford Welfare Society at Gulshan

Our Clients Waterford Welfare Society GulshanDhaka This jewel on the waterfront was the result of the Joint Venture Partner’s critical requirements. The ground floor lobby & reception resemble a garden in the Timberland with a feature Cycus floating on the tranquil watercourse. Imagine walking down stairs suspended over the lake, with tropical gardens all around …

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Palmgrove Welfare Society at Gulshan

Our Clients Palmgrove Welfare Society Gulshan 1Dhaka Located on the south-east corner of Road 118, is a sanctuary that is surrounded by a tranquil neighborhood. Its most alluring feature is the lush entry garden, landscaped with over 60 species of palm trees. With our Signature Series, the originality of our architecture coupled with elegance and …

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Miranda Welfare Society at Gulshan

Our Clients Miranda Welfare Society GulshanDhaka For those accustomed to unparalleled luxury and a well-planned mix of nature and leisure, Bay presents yet another signature series masterpiece; Bay’s Miranda. Established in the coveted area of Gulshan 2, Miranda is located in the midst of nature with lush greenery surrounding the building. Visit Page

Amarantha Welfare Society at Banani

Our Clients Amarantha Welfare Society BananiDhaka Amarantha is a luxurious retreat from the usual hustle and bustle of daily life. Nestled in the lush and quiet segment that is the south western corner of Banani. Each floor offers two unique homes, each carefully thought through to function efficiently. With striking features and attention to quality …

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